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Do you need to be listed higher on search engines? Would you like a higher Google Page Rank?

One of the best ways of achieving a higher Page Rank in Google is by exchanging links with other web sites. Google rates your site by how important it is on the web. The more sites that link to your site means the more important it is on the Internet. This means a higher page rank and a subsequent higher placement on search engine results pages.

Q. What is Google Page Rank?

What link exchange programs are available?

If you would like to embark on a reciprocal link exchange program, you have 2 options:

1) Automated link exchange facility - We install an automated link exchange facility on your site. This allows visitors to your website to automatically add a link from your site to theirs. In return they are instructed to reciprocate the link exchange by adding a link from their site back to yours. The automated link exchange facility will then automatically check that these links have been added and if not it will remove the link that the 3rd party placed on your site. The benefit of this facility is that the whole process is automated and you do not need to do anything further to maintain the system. The cost of providing and setting up this facility is £120.00.

2) Manual link exchange program - We set up a static links page on your website. This links page lists 3rd party web sites who have linked back to your website. It also allows visitors to your links page to request that a link be added to your site. When this request comes through, we will manually add the link to your site's links page and check that the reciprocal link to your site has in fact been added to the 3rd party's links page. Besides the lower initial outlay, the benefit of this system is that you can actively search the web for web sites where you would like to be listed and request reciprocal links from webmasters. Also, you can control whether or not you would like to reciprocate the links that are offered to you. The cost of this program is £40 to set up the links page and £2.50 per link added. Or if you would prefer us to source the links that are added, the cost per link added is £3.50.

PLEASE NOTE that once we have added 3rd party links to the links page, we will ensure that the 3rd party has reciprocated the link on their site, or we will remove the link on your site. If you would like us to do further checks of this on a monthly basis (to ensure that your link remains on their site), the charge for this is £1 per link per month.

How do I get started?

Send an email to us with details of your requirements. We'll contact you as soon as possible* to request the necessary information from you and to provide you with details of how to make payment for the deposit. As soon as we have these taken care of we can start on your links program!


* normally within an hour during normal working hours (9am to 5pm Mon - Fri)

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