Hourly Website Maintenance Rate

If you are a web design agency with a lot of ad hoc updates, or if you have a large project that requires work that is difficult to quantify, why not contract Brendon Morris on an hourly rate?

What is Our Hourly Rate?

  • Our normal hourly rate is £25.00 per hour for ad hoc web work.
  • But for projects where there is a guaranteed volume of over 10hrs we charge just 17.00 GBP per hour (that's only $30.00 USD) for ad hoc web design work.
  • And, if the volume of work is over 40hrs per month, the rate is reduced to just 15.00 per hour for anything above the 40hrs.
  • For greater volumes of work, contact us and we may be able to negotiate an even better rate.

Monthly Maintenance Packages

  • Bronze - Includes 2hrs worth of website maintenance at only £44.00 per month
  • Silver - Includes 5hrs worth of website maintenance at only £95.00 per month
  • Gold - Includes 10hrs worth of website maintenance at only £170.00 per month

What are the Benefits of a Maintenance Package?

  • Accurate Time sheets maintained - We submit a detailed time sheet at the end of each month, so you can verify each and every item of work that has been done. Great if you're an agency as it means you can simply add on your margin and charge your client accordingly.
  • Reduced Hourly Rate - Our normal hourly rate is 25.00 per hour for ad-hoc work and quoted projects. So by getting us to do the work on a Monthly Maintenance Package, you could save up to 8.00 per hour! (based on the Gold pakcage above).
  • Per minute billing - If an update only takes us 20 minutes, that's all we'll charge you for it. We keep accurate records of all time spent on projects and maintenance work, so you only pay for the part of the hour we worked.
  • Quoted projects usually work out to be more expensive - Whilst many clients want a definite figure so that they can budget for their project, our experience shows that when we are employed on an hourly rate, the final bill normally comes in at about 25% less.

How do we Get Started?

  • Simply email Email with the details of your requirements.
  • We will respond with an agreement to work for you on an hourly basis.
  • To get started we'll do the first hour of work without asking for a deposit. Once completed we will ask for your approval, whereafter you can pay us online.
  • Thereafter we will continue working on your project and only bill you at the end of the month.
  • To get started now, simply email us with the details of your requirements on Email
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